Allied aircraft
by Brad Cancian

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Kit: Roden (1:48)

This is the Roden 1/48 DH-9, painted in the markings of a Royal Australian Air Force DH-9 A6-16, c 1926. This aircraft was an "Imperial Gift" aircraft, one of a group gifted from Britain post World War One. When photographed, the aircraft was unarmed, which is what I sought to represent here. The basic kit is sound, however some details were added to the engine and cockpit, as well as various other details around the aircraft. Alignment of the flat sided fuselage was the trickiest element of the build, as well as the myriad of struts and rigging to align, given the softness of the Roden plastic. Otherwise everything was reasonably straight forward for someone who has a few biplane builds under their belt. Build article and further pictures here:,3186.0.html

Nieuport 17

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

Here is the classic old 1/48 Eduard Nieuport 17 profipack, built straight out of the box save for the addition of brass turnbuckle sleeves and some Aeromaster decals.

Sopwith F.I Camel

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

Here is the Eduard 1/48 Sopwith Camel Profipack, built straight out of the box including markings. This was my second WWI model back in 2005. A lovely kit. Photos were taken at the Australian Capital Territory model show in 2009.

1/48 Roden SE5a

Kit: Roden (1:48)

Here is my latest the Roden 1/48 scale SE5a. Modifications included adding some basic engine detail (the kit includes none but has a large opening under the fuselage where the back end of the engine can be seen), as well as minor modifications to the cockpit. The pulley inspection windows on the wings and tail were also hollowed out, pulleys added and the clear covers replicated by two part epoxy (much better than the kits representation of these windows by using decals). The aircraft is painted in the markings of 2/Lt G C Logan of A flight, 2 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps. This aircraft was bought on charge with 2AFC on 5 January 1918 and lost 21 February 1918 when "Lt. Logan in B/619 left Aero. at 11.35 a.m. on Patrol and was last seen going towards the line. Pilot and machine missing. Struck off." The aircraft was downed by anti-aircraft fire, though Logan made a landing, nosed the aircraft over, and was made a POW. (and before anyone asks, yes I have painted the upper wing code the correct way up)


Kit: Eduard (1:72)

Here is the Eduard 1/72 scale SPAD XIII (non-profipack) straight out of the box, decals and all.

Aeroclub / Roden 1/48 BE12b Conversion

Kit: Aeroclub + Roden + Scratchbuilt (1:48)

Here is a 1/48 BE12b built from a kitbash of the Aeroclub BE12 and the Roden SE5a. This model was built just prior to Roden releasing their 1/48 kit (isnít it always the way!). Further additions were a scratch built cockpit and many other details added.

1/48 Blue Max Sopwith 7.FI "Snipe"

Kit: Blue Max (1:48)

Here is the Blue Max 1/48 Sopwith Snipe. Many additions were made to the basic kit, namely the scratch building of the cockpit, and additional details to the engine and fuselage. Wheels and guns were replaced with home made resin replacements. The aircraft was painted in the markings of 4SQN Australian Flying Corps when based in Bickendorf, Germany in early 1919.

1/72 Nieuport 28

Kit: Revell (1:72)

Here is my build of the old (60s era) Revell 1:72 Nieuport 28. I made some modifications to the kit, including re-shaping the cowling (the kit cowling is quite thick and can take much punishment), a scratch built cockpit, re-skinned aft fuselage, new undercarriage, new guns, new prop, and other details. The kit is painted in the markings of a well-used aircraft from B Flight, 95th Pursuit Squadron, USAS. Rigging is from elastic.

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