von Richthofen's Fokker Dr.1
by Marcio Antonio Campos

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Kit: revell (1:72)

Fokker Dr-I 425/17

Sooner or later I'd build the Red Baron 425/17 triplane, and here it is, finished in May 2002. This is the Revell kit (probably I won't build another in my life), almost OOB except for the machine guns. I replaced the kit ones with Rosepart resin Spandaus. The result was much better, although the contact surface between machine guns and fuselage is too small.

I also chose this kit for my first rigging experiences, since the triplane doesn't have so many wires. I used stretched black sprue and rigged only the landing gear and cabane struts area. Although the alignment isn't that perfect, I think the results were pretty good :-)

In this kit I tried to use that Humbrol gloss varnish, the one with the square bottle. The result was awful and the model was "sticky" even after weeks. So, after placing decals, I gave the model another coat of gloss varnish, this time using the Humbrol 35 tinlet, and saved the work from a disaster. I don't advice anyone to use this square bottle Humbrol varnish.

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