by J R Boye

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Anatra DS Anasal

Kit: Red Star (1:72)

This model is of a standard production Anatra DS with the Salmson radial engine. The Red Star kit was built pretty much from the box, except that the wings and tail surfaces were re-shaped and the fuselage shortened to match drawings in "The Imperial Russian Air Service" book by Durkota. Some small details were also added. Markings are mostly from Blue Rider and rigging is colored "invisible" thread and stretched sprue.

Sikorsky S. XVI cep

Kit: Eastern Express (1:72)

This model represents S. XVI cep 201 of Cornet Juri Gilsher of the 7th Fighter Detachment that he flew in May of 1916 with Gregory Kvasniko as observer. Although the Eastern Express kit is the basis of this project, there isn't much of that left. The wings were reshaped with lower ailerons deleted and new tail surfaces were made. The rear fuselage is scratch built and the cowling was reworked. Photo etch details from Part are incorporated into the interior along with the wheels and tail skid. Since profiles of this aircraft show that the fuselage below the cockpit was uncovered, the exposed framework had to be made. Rigging is colored "invisible" thread and stretched sprue, and roundels are from Americal-Gryphon. The main reference was "The Imperial Russian Air Service" by Durkota.

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