by Paul Blakeborough

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Fokker D.VII

Kit: DPCM Aero-werkes (1:12)

April 21, 2010

I've just completed a Fokker D.VII that's been on the bench over winter. The model is based on the Aero-werkes 1:12 kit from DPCM. I say "based", as although a nice kit with laser cut wing ribs etc I've modified it to take electric and changed one or two areas "As you do"! The other area I've been experimenting with is covering, with the Fus' done in Litespan/Vallejo model color paints, and the wings are Jap tissue over 5 or 10 micron mylar. Some of the tissue has been printed with a 5 colour lozenge and/or chalked to make it more opaque. I chose to put in 4 channels with a risk of overloading the wings, but this has proved a worry too far! She has an all up weight of 10.5 ozs and that equates to 6.5ozs/sq-ft. She was out today in a reasonable breeze and is very stable, three trimming flights under the belt so far. (21/04/10) More detail to come soon........

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