French Model Images
by Matt Bittner

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Hanriot HD.3

Roseplane Hanriot HD.3. Kept the basic vac kit intact, but added a scratch built cockpit based on the Salmson 2A.2, struts from Contrail and Strutz! and a Digmayer prop (although it's not shown in the images). Finished with Polly Scale paints with ALPS generated decals, except for the Americal/Gryphon roundels. This model was originally presented in the April 2001 Internet Modeler.

Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter

Flashback Sopwith 1.A 2 Strutter. Basically out of the box, with the exhaust channel and kingpost added, the underside of the horizontal tailplane corrected, and ALPS decals depicting a machine from SOP 287. For more information, see the full build article.

1/72nd Amodel SPAD A.2

Kit: Amodel (1:72)

1/72nd Amodel SPAD A.2 finished with Part photoetch and MisterKit paints. Turtledeck completely rebuilt using Woodman's method of "reverse scribing" a piece of .005" plastic sheet. More information can be found in the January 2004 issue of Internet Modeler.

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