Central Powers
by Hugh Beyts

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Lloyd C.V

Kit: Special Hobby (1:48)

This particular aircraft served with Flik 22d on the Russian Front in Oct 1917. The model was built from the 1:48 scale Special Hobby kit which I picked up half price at a show. There's bargains in them thar halls! It's an excellent kit though I had no drawings to compare it against it looks right. To improve things slightly I thinned all flying surfaces and replaced the rib tapes with paper strip. Next time I'll see if Tamiya masking tape is easier. The over thick centre section struts were replaced with Strutz material and I added additional plumbing around the radiator. The observer's gun barrel and sights were replaced with Tom's Modelworks items; very delicate but give a good effect. The functional rigging is from 'invisible' thread.

Holtzem's Pfalz DIIIa

Kit: Blue Max (1:48)

The Blue Max kit of the Pfalz DIIIa is accurate in outline but requires a bit of work to get it together and detail it. I thinned out the cockpit sides and then added a load of detail which was deeply satisfying but barely visible. For instance I added the bowden cables from the stick mounted triggers but you cannot see them easily. More pertinent are the rear view mirror etc. As can be seen in the construction view I made up a set of etch guns, which also can barely be seen. I finished them in matt black paint then rubbed pencil graphite over them. Look very nice though came out a bit shinny in the pictures. Kit engine is nicely detailed out of site courtesy of BM. I added more detail in the visible spectrum. The three piece wings (both upper and lower come this way) were completely sanded down to thin trailing edges and give them a more realistic airfoil section and also to get each panel the same thickness. Surface detail was then reinstated to the now smooth wings. The generous lower wing fillet was added from milliput. Lozenge was BM. Goes on beautifully but the edges of each lozenge stand proud. Anyone got a method of reducing this? Holltzem's marking are from the Aeromaster set. I finished the model a while ago, then Eduard issued their Pfalz.

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