by Ronny Bar

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Brumowski's Albatros (Oeffag) D.III

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

ALBATROS D-III (Oef) (153.209) Flown by Godwin Brumowski (35 v.); Fliegerkompagnie 41J, KuK LFT; Portobuffolle, Italy; June 1918

The wings, tail unit, all the struts and most of the fuselage are from the Eduard Profipack Albatros D-III, the rest is from the Blue Max D-III (Oef). (Including the inspection doors and the cooling louvers, which were carefully cut from the Blue Max kit with a very sharp blade and glued in place after the original Eduard ones were cut and sanded off). The red finish is a domestic synthetic enamel (I think it was Matra, a local brand). The wings Eiserne kreueze were cut from black and white decal sheets. The rudder ones and the skulls came from the Glencoe D-III (Oef) kit and the Bauart nummern were cut from the Flashback Aviatik D-I decal sheet, and once applied, lightly over sprayed with red paint. Rigging, as usual, is invisible thread. Well... I must say I feel this is quite a splendid animal..!

von Richthofen's Fokker Dr.1

Kit: DML (1:48)

FOKKER Dr.1 (425/17) Flown by Manfred von Richthofen (80 v.); Jagdgeschwader I, LSK; Cappy, France; April 1918.

The DML kit... A beautiful one (except for that strange underwing rib tapes). Oh... I have to admit that the all black Jacob's scheme on the box art is an interesting one, but I feel that the Fokker Triplane MUST be red (at least, MY Triplane..!) Humbrol paints. The upperwing Balken kreuze were cut from black and white decal sheets, the underwing and rudder ones came from the kit and the fuselage ones came from the spare decal box. The fuselage stencils and under fuselage stitching were drawn with Photo Studio 2000 and printed with an ink-jet printer on clear decal and then airbrushed with gloss varnish to seal them. Rigging is so scarce that it doesn't deserve mention.

Sopwith Baby

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

SOPWITH BABY (N2071) No 229 Squadron, RAF; Great Yarmouth, Great Britain; April 1918.

An old Eduard kit. Not an easy one, but after some work it resulted in an impressive model. I choose to use only one of the two bombs that came with the kit, because according to the specifications I read somewhere in the web, that was the external load when the two Lewis machine guns were in use. I also added some weight into the floats to keep the balance of the model. Paints by Humbrol, as usual... Midstone mixed with black for the PC10, Linen 71 for the CDL and a very light gray for the main floats. For the tail float, first I sprayed it a brownish Orange color, after it dried I drew the wood veneer with a Dark Red watercolor pencil, then I brushed it gently with a lightly wet brush to soften the edges, and finally airbrushed several coats of gloss varnish. The rigging is invisible thread painted a mix of silver and black... By the way, I love rigging British planes..! With all that double Rafwires and (compared to contemporary French and German machines) rudimentary looking but evidently so practical external cables.

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