by Ronny Bar

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Immelman's Fokker E.I

Kit: Scratch (1:48)

FOKKER E-I (1/15); Flown By Max Immelman (18 v.); Feld Flieger Abteilung 62, LSK; Douai, France; August 1915

  Scratchbuilt form plastic card. As a matter of fact it begun as a scratchbuilt Fokker E-III (which I actually completed) but after I bought the Flashback E-III kit, I completely reconstructed it as an E-I.

The engine is a modified 7 cylinder Gnome from the old Eduard MoS Parasol kit. The Parabellum is a modified Spandau with stock and pistol grip made from bits of plastic. The engine side fairings are from the Flashback Fokker E-III (not so the cowling, which was scratchbuilt). Wheels and propeller came from the scrap box. CDL finish is Humbrol 71, the nose was sprayed with Humbrol 11 and the whirling hand painted with a mix of silver and black. the Eiserne kreueze were masked, airbrushed and finally retouched with a fine pencil. The fuselage stencils and the under fuselage stitching were drawn with Photo Studio 2000 and printed with a Lexmark ink-jet printer on clear decal and then airbrushed a couple of coats of gloss varnish to seal the ink. Invisible thread painted a mix of silver and black was used for rigging.

Garros' Morane-Saulnier Type L

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

Flown by Roland Garros (5 v.); Escadrille MS.23, AMF; Dunkerque, France; April 1915.

Old Eduard kit. OOB except for the Hotchkiss machine gun, which was installed on the cowling instead of the rear position (the support was made with stretched sprue). The propeller deflector plates were scratchbuilt and the carburetor intakes were made with stretched biro tube. It was all hand painted with Humbrol enamels. The rudder stencils were drawn with the Photo Studio 2000 program in my PC, printed with a Lexmark ink-jet printer on clear decal film and given a coat of gloss varnish (Two or three years after completing the model..!) Rigging is invisible thread painted black.

Guynemer's Nieuport 10

Kit: Scratch (1:48)

NIEUPORT 10 (309); Flown by Georges Guynemer (53 v.); Escadrille N.3, AMF; Vauciennes, France; December 1915 December 1915

It was scratchbuilt from plastic card. The engine is a modified Le Rhone from an Eduard Nie 17, the wheels came from the same kit and the cowling is a modified one from a Smer Nie 11. Lewis gun is a white metal one from the Blue Max Sopwith Dolphin kit plus stock and cooling jacket. Paints are Humbrol 71 Satin CDL and Tamiya Acrylic 16 Flat Aluminum mixed with light gray for the cowling. Cockades came from the Aero Master Decals SPAD XIII sheet with larger central roundels cut from clear decal previously airbrushed with a mix of Humbrols 14 and 89 Light Blues. And the stencils, fuselage stitching and Vieux Charles were drawn with the Photo Studio 2000 and printed with an ink-jet printer on clear decal and airbrushed with gloss varnish. Rigging is invisible thread and stretched sprue.

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