Fokker Dr.I
by Andy Bannister

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Kit: Revell (1:72)

Attached are some pics of my latest for my first submission to the WW1 site. Revell's 1/72nd Dr.1 that I started about 10(!) years ago. It got stuck in a box when I moved from Canada to the UK in 1997 and forgotten about until a few weeks ago when I decided to finish it off.

I used parts from Revell's new-tool Dr.1; namely the engine, cowling, wheels, axle wing, wingtip skids, interplane struts, tailskid, and ammo chutes. The prop is carved from two pieces of 1/32nd inch plywood laminated together with an etched prop boss, the horizontal stab is scratchbuilt and the cockpit is detailed with Tom's Modelworks and scratchbuilt parts. Guns are from a Tom's Modelworks etched set, rigging is stretched sprue, landing gear and cabane struts are brass Strutz soldered together.

Paint is Humbrol Olive Drab over Xtracolour Clear Doped Linen with the = bottom in a mix of Testors Duck Egg Blue & Humbrol Light Blue (I think - it's ten years since I mixed the paint!); decals are from Blue Rider.

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