German models
by Greg Balzer

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von Richthofen's Fokker Dr.1

Kit: dml (1:48)

1:48 DML/Dragon 5901 done in MvR's 425/17 livery. My first kit in over 20+ years. The goal was to tune-up basic modeling skills, and to attempt numerous tips and tricks gained from the wwi list. The build is rather "clean" as I didn't feel confident applying wash to a kit that's already been stripped twice, and took over a year to complete! PE and Digmayer prop from CSM, decals by Tomasz Gronczewski, starboard side upper strut from Shane Weier! Photos by Sanjeev Hirve, edited by Dame Karen.

Pfalz D.III

Kit: eduard (1:48)

Progress shots of the Eduard Pfalz D.III

Sept 6, 2003

These are the initial pics showing the Squadron White/Nail polish remover technique of gap filling. Port wing root initially after application and light dressing. Starboard wing root after initial dressing.

Sept 7, 2003

The finished version...and the CATASTROPHE!!! I was actually moving the aircraft to a safe spot when it snapped off the dowel and crashed to the floor, hitting tail first. The good news, clean breaks all round, and in a matter of 15 minutes had all the parts sanded and re-attached! No muss, no fuss!

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