Allied Model Images
by Bill Arnold

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Armstrong-Whitworth FK 10

Kit: Czechmasters (1:72)

This is the Czechmasters Armstrong Whitworth FK 10 quadraplane. I replaced the engine, m/gs and the prop with spares from Roden and Toko kits.

Feb 7, 2006

Breguet 14 B2

Kit: Pegasus (1:72)

Built with minor improvements. Tubular structure was added to the interior, as well as seat belts and a sling for the rear gunner. All decals are from the kit. The model was finished in six days and rigged with Ethicon stainless steel. Special thanks to Ken Henderson for the kit, and to Andrei, Diego and Karl for their constant support and encouragement. The model was rigged in accordance with the instruction sheet and with help from the pictures on the net.

Curtiss N9 Floatplane

Kit: Olimp (1:72)

Basically the same as the other "JN" series with extended wings, and a centerline float.  Built OOB with lead foil belts added.  Rigging is Ethicon stainless.  Special thanks to Oleg at Olimp for the replacement decals.

In progress shots

The completed model

Scale Planes DuFaux

Kit: Scale Planes (1:72)

This is the Scale Planes 1/72 vac kit of the Dufaux. The kit was very simple and straight forward. The only "add-ons" were better wheels, seats and a better prop. The vac seats were too wide to fit inside the fuselage, so new ones were fashioned out of brass sheet. The wheels and prop came from the spares box, as did the national markings. The roundels are from a Micro Scale sheet. Rigging is Ethicon stainless. Special thanks to Steve Perry for the technical help and the photos. Also thanks to Dave Rhuling for the kit.

Curtiss JN-4 Jenny

Kit: Olimp (1:72)

This is the Olimp JN4 1:72 kit. After suffering a couple setbacks, I managed to finish it.

The model was painted with Model Master paints, and rigged with Ethicon stainless. The only things added were seatbelts, and some rigging detail to the upper wing. Decals are from the kit. The rudder stripes are painted.

Curtiss JN-4H Jenny (USMC)

Kit: Olimp (1:72)

This is the 1:72 Olimp JN-4H USMC version.

This is an OOB build. Only seatbelts and Ethicon rigging were added. Rigging took less than two hours.

Curtiss JN-4 Jenny

Kit: Pegasus (1:72)

This is the 1/72 Pegasus JN-4. It had been sitting half finished in the cabinet since 1997. I figured seven years was long enough to wait.

It has lead seatbelts added and the control sticks move in tandem. Ethicon stainless steel was used for the rigging. All decals are from the kit. The rudder stripes are painted. The struts and control horns are Contrail stock. The l/g is a spare from the Olimp kit.

Curtiss JN-4 Jenny (Trainer)

Kit: Olimp (1:72)

This is the Olimp JN4 trainer version from Love field Texas

Curtiss JN-4 Jenny (USMC)

Kit: Olimp (1:72)

This is the Olimp Jenny U.S.M.C.version

Sikorsky Ilya Muromets

Kit: ICM (1:72)

Several modifications have been made to this model the least of which is not the new horizontal stabilizers. These were suggested in an article by Michael Kendix. I had all the Woodman drawings so "cloning" them was easy.

New gas tanks were also scratched per the Woodman drawings. The kit supplied tanks were unusable.

In addition to the horizontal stabilizers being replaced with scratch-built parts, the gas tanks, tail skid and windows have also either been replaced or upgraded per Harry Woodman's drawings. The model is rigged with over twelve feet of Ethicon stainless steel. The single seat Sikorsky is used to compare the size of the Muromets

Sikorsky Ilya Muromets

Kit: Maquette (1:72)

Several improvements have been made to this kit. A new tailskid, gas tanks, and the "fruit stand" at the rear of the plane are all scratch built per the Woodman drawings. There is twelve feet of Ethicon stainless rigging on this model. The national markings are from Rosemont. The paint is MM ANA Sand.

Dako Sikorsky S-16

Kit: Dako (1:72)

This is the Dako Sikorsky S-16. Built OOB. Painted Radome Tan, and rigged with.005 surgical steel. The model was all but destroyed in a recent move, and recently re-assembled, and re-rigged. All new struts were scratched from Contrail stock.

Toko Sopwith 1 1/2 strutter

Kit: Toko (1:72)

Toko Sopwith 1 1/2 strutter. Built OOB with .010 surgical wire rigging. The kit took two days to build, from start to finish. Highly recommended for the beginner like myself.


Kit: A-Model (1:72)

This is the Amodel SPAD SA4 in 1/72 scale. The kit was built OOB with added foil seatbelts and Ethicon stainless rigging. The front scarf ring is scratched from copper wire. All decals are from the kit. The project took three days to build.


Kit: A-Model (1:72)

he model was built OOB with added lead foil seatbelts and Ethicon stainless steel rigging. Actual time spent working on the model was three days. Thanks to Diego Fernetti for all his help in providing photographs and other very valuable information. All national markings are Micro Scale.

Flashback Voisin

Kit: Flashback (1:72)

1/72nd Flashback kit. Built OOB, but rigged with .010 surgical wire. The p/e seats were replaced with Rosemont generic resin seats. Only the roundels are decals...all other markings are painted on. The fuselage was stuffed with lead, and the blocks the seats sit on were replaced with lead cubes as well. This is the only thing that keeps it from being a "tail sitter".

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