Austro-Hungarian Model Images
by Bill Arnold

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Aviatik DI/DII

Kit: Choroszy (1:72)

This is the Chorosky Modelbud Aviatik DI/DII. The kit is beautifully molded in a cream color resin. A great level of detail is molded into the fuselage sides. The decals are extremely thin, and snuggled down easily. The lozenge was too brightly colored for me. (See photo) The wings and tail surfaces were painted MM sand and the fuselage MM wood. Then MM rust, forest green, and RLM 04 Gelb were used as camo colors. The model went together easily, and was a straightforward build. I used cut down Roden Albatros DII struts, as the kit ones were missing. The windscreen is scratched from clear acetate sheet. All national markings are from the kit. The model is rigged with .006 Ethicon stainless, and coated with MM flat over several coats of Future.

Special thanks to Dan Hartz for this great kit.

RVHP Aviatik C1

Kit: RVHP (1:72)

This is the RVHP resin kit of the Aviatik C1. I had only ever built one other all resin kit before this, and I was quite apprehensive about trying again. This kit was a gift, and I did not want to mess it up.
First I had to find some reference. This is something I'm not accustomed to doing. I'm usually an OOB builder. I contacted Dave Rhuling, and he lent me his Austro Hungarian Army Air Force of WW1 tome. This is a big, thick, heavy book and has hundreds of excellent quality pictures. In no time , I was on my way.
I scrounged many parts from the spares box, and scratched a few as well. My parts matched the interior shots pretty well. My interior was ready for assembly.
I sanded all the extremely over done rib detail from the wings, as none of the photos reflected this at all.
I painted the wings and tail surfaces my choice of CDL, and the fuselage was painted wood. Then the camo was applied with a stippling brush. I used rust, medium green, willow green, and black chrome which were all close matches to the book color plates.
The surface was quite lumpy from stippling four coats of paint. I wet sanded the entire model with 2000 grit paper, and then applied two coats of Future in preparation for the decals. The decals came from the spares box and an Americal Gryphon sheet. I have not been able to locate AH numbers for the serial as of yet.
All the struts, the wheels, and the prop came from the spares box. The l/g is scratched from brass rod, as is the rear gun ring. The control horns are from contrail strut stock. The model is fully rigged with Ethicon stainless.
Thanks to Dan Hartz for the kit...and thanks to Dave Rhuling for the reference book.

Toko Aviatik Berg D1

Kit: Toko (1:72)

This is the Toko Aviatik Berg D1. Built OOB and rigged with Ethicon .005 stainless. The "Hex" lozenge is Americal Gryphon, and the national markings are a mixture of kit and Super Scale decals.

Hansa Brandenburg CC

Kit: Toko (1:72)

This is the Classic Planes vac kit of the Hansa Brandenburg "CC" single seat seaplane.

The kit was a gift from listee Dave Rhuling and was completed in six days. Thanks to everyone for their reference help and support.

The model is painted in Ceram Coat Brown Iron Oxide, and Model Master Panzer Int Buff mixed 50/50 with Model Master flt. wht. The seat, prop, engine, and windscreen all are from the spares box. All national markings are Americal Gryphon. The tail is rigged with .005 Ethicon stainless steel. The engine "scaffold" is scratch-built using Contrail strut stock and evergreen flat stock. The hand crank is brass wire.

Sierra Hansa Brandenburg W 18

Kit: Sierra Scale (1:72)

This is the Sierra vac kit of the Hansa Brandenburg W 18 flying boat. With the exception of the "A" frame center section, the kit was an easy build. Some radical engine modifications were necessary in order to complete the model. The struts, control horns, and the dolly are scratched. The model is fully rigged with Ethicon stainless, and decals are from the Americal Gryphon "Alte Eisen Kreutz" sheet. Panzer interior buff was used as the CDL color, and the fuselage and wingtip floats were woodgrained using Model Master wood, Derwent water color pencils, and painted with Tamiya clear yellow. A coat of Future was airbrushed, and then an oil wash applied to accent the ailerons, and fuselage detail. Special thanks to Dave Rhuling for the use of his AH Naval a/c book.

Toko Hansa Brandenburg Star Strutter.

Kit: Toko (1:72)

This is the Toko Hansa Brandenburg Star Strutter. Built OOB. Fuselage is dark woodgrain (believe it or not). I tried for the "you can see the ribs under the linen" look, By applying a light coat of Panzer interior buff, then drawing in the ribs with a small magic marker type pen(over the kit molded lines) and applying a second light coat. All decals are from the kit.

MAC Phönix D.II

Kit: MAC (1:72)

This is the MAC Distribution Phonix DII. A very straight forward simple kit. Built OOB, and rigged with Ethicon stainless. The model was painted CDL and wood, then "stippled" with a pro-modeller #4 flat brush. Special thanks to Dave Rhuling for the use of his A/H tome.

Sierra UFAG C1

Kit: Sierra Scale (1:72)

This is the Sierra vacu-form kit of the UFAG (Ungarishe Flugzeugwerke Aktiengesellshaft) C1. Previous to this I had only build three or four "vacs".
Interior structure was added with evergreen strip stock. A control stick and rudder pedals were scratched. A rosemont A/H resin seat was added. The radiator on the top wing is a resin "pour block" sanded and scribed to resemble the instruction sheet drawing. The forward firing m/g is a syringe needle. The l/g and all struts were scratched from Contrail strut material. The model is fully rigged with Ethicon stainless. The decals are from the spares box.
The model is painted with Gunze, Tamiya, and Model Master paint. The project took four days to complete.

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