Central Powers Models
by Tom Morgan

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Fokker E.V

Jasta 6 - 1918
kit: DRAGON® no.5909 (Fokker D.VIII)

Scratch built: ammo chutes, cockpit, control surface horns, cowling fasteners, exhausts, fuel caps, stabilizer struts, undercarriage struts, wind screen, wing struts.
Converted/Detailed: ailerons, cowling, engine, engine panel, guns, propeller, prop bosses, rudder, stabilizer, tail skid.
After-market: cockpit components - Copper State Models, Tom's Modelworks; decals - AeroMaster, Super Scale; engine; CMK; figures - Jaguar - painted by Rick Taylor; guns - Tom's Modelworks; prop bosses - Copper State Models; wooden base - John Oshanski.


Halberstadt D.II

These are shots of my current project, a 1:48 Halberstadt D.II - totally scratch-built, except for instrument faces by Copper State and Eduard. The build will hopefully be a build article in Windsock next year. Seat belts are of .002" zinc foil - note cotter pin. Hardware adapted from Eduard and TMW.

Unique Halberstadt-style throttle quadrant made from a watch gear. Control column, rudder bar, etc of brass and copper tube. Stabilizer of embossed .005" card over a brass tube.

Wings are my first try at H. Woodman's technique - not at all difficult if you follow his instructions.

Appropriate for this period of the War, the cockpit is spartan, and the instuments few: Bruhn ASI partially recessed into the dash, Lufft altimeter properly suspended from .003" steel wire springs, watch, fuel & air selector plates. A tach and a fuel pressure gauge will sit on the engine cowl in front of the windscreen. The MG will be positioned in the space to the right of the dash. The map scroll is patterned after one in a Woodman photo of an Albatros D.V cockpit. Magneto base plate by CSM.

I have a passion for undercarriages and so I tend to over-engineer my jigs. The main "landing chassis" and the rudder support are soldered brass tube and Strutz, with details CA'd and epozied.

I'm scratching a Mercedes D.II engine and these are the crankcase and the paired cylinder masters, from which I will make molds and then resin copies. The cylinders were turned using just a hand tool - no lathe needed.

Halberstadt Cl.II

Schlasta 23b
kit: BLUE MAX® no. 202

Scratch built: aileron horns, ammo & chutes, coaming, cockpit, control horns, cowling fasteners, exhausts, flares, flare rack & gun, water & fuel caps, muffler, rudder, spinner, wing & cabane struts, undercarriage, water compressor & visor.
Converted/Detailed: ailerons, cowling, engine, fin, guns, propellor, radiator, rudder, stabilizer, tail planes, tail skid & wheels.
After Market: decals - Pegasus, AeroMaster; engine - HiTech; instruments - Copper State Models; guns - Tom's Modelworks; throttle frame - Tom's Modelworks; wooden base - John Oshanski.


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